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Our Priorities

We have established a global action plan with a focus on several critical domains.
Our highest-level priorities include developing a Resilience Index and a Resilience Toolkit

  • The Resilience Index will be a global tool to drive decision-making toward inclusive growth, sustainability, preparedness, and the protection of public health. The Index will be designed to complement GDP in assessing the health of individual countries and economic regions.

  • The Resilience Toolkit, which will include our Resilience Dashboard, a novel operational intelligence tool that leverages AI and machine learning to track conditions on the ground, measure the impact of interventions, and ultimately predict shocks due to environmental degradation, healthcare deficiencies, or socioeconomic variables. The Dashboard is designed to identify priority needs, down to the neighborhood level, and to guide high-impact, cost-effective interventions. 

As we develop the Resilience Index and Resilience Toolkit and expand the reach of the Resilience Dashboard, we’ll be focusing on four core areas of policy recommendations: [icons or photos for category]

  • Urban Preparedness, Logistics, and the Built Environment: We’ll focus on enhancing our infrastructure and supply chains to improve sustainability, mitigate climate impacts, and support both physical and mental health. 

  • Misinformation and Disinformation: We’ll counter the rise of false information by developing and evaluating a range of new communication strategies that build public trust. 

  • Governance and Leadership: We’ll identify and evaluate the most efficient response frameworks across governments and corporations.

  • Policy, Innovation, and Social Engagement: We’ll look at the policies and population engagement tactics that most effectively support inclusive growth and resilient societies.

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