Who We Are

The Commission has been structured to reflect its global mission and meet its short- and long-term goals. The Commission project has five core components:


  1. Co-Chairs and Commissioners: to provide the multi-disciplinary leadership and advocacy support.

  2. Regional Hubs: to provide a forum for leaders from government, business and academia in the key global economic zones to discuss policy recommendations and influence the global discussion.

    • Asia-Pacific: The Fubon Foundation

    • Europe: The School of Transnational Governance (EUI)

    • South Asia: The Observer Research Foundation

    • North America: Harvard University & MIT

    • UK: Cambridge Public Health

  3. Research Partners: a network of global centres of excellence across the relevant disciplines required to develop a robust health-economic model of Health Resilience. 

  4. Corporate Partners: major global businesses on the frontline of the global economy, to provide a broad spread of funding and the necessary cross - sector insight. 

  5. The Secretariat: to initiate, convene, lead and coordinate the international network.

    • Intellectual development of evidence-based Health Resilience metrics

    • Geopolitical advocacy 

    • Communications 

    • Fundraising