Regional Hubs

The Regional Hubs are key to provide a forum for leaders from government, business and academia in the key global economic zones to discuss policy recommendations and influence the global discussion.

The Hubs provide local leadership for engaging with government, business and academia: 

  • Convening: bringing together the key people and institutions in the region. 

  • Partnering: creating and building the key regional partnerships among research
    centers, corporations and governments.

  • Funding: raising funds from companies and foundations active in the region.

In 2021 the Commission is establishing four Regional Hubs at different locations across the globe: 


Hub Convenors

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Prof. Syaru Shirley Lin  

Chair and Convenor,

Asia Pacific Hub

Visiting Professor, Miller Center of Public Affairs University of Virginia; Adjunct Professor, Chinese University of Hong Kong.


The Hon Alexander Stubb 


Europe Hub

Director of the School of Transnational Governance; Prime Minister of Finland (2014-15)


Prof. Michelle A. Williams 


North America Hub

Dean of Harvard TH Chan School of Public Health


Dr. Nilanjan Ghosh


South Asia Hub

 Director, Kolkata Centre & Head of Inclusive Growth and SDG, Observer Research Foundation


Professor Carol Brayne


UK Hub

 Co-director Cambridge Public Health; Professor of Public Health Medicine, 

University of Cambridge

Asia-Pacific Hub

The Asia-Pacific Hub is hosted by the Fubon Foundation. The hub includes one Co-Chair and three Commissioners in the region: Malcolm Turnbull, Chien-jen Chen, Stan Shih and Syaru Shirley Lin. The Hub is chaired by Prof. Syaru Shirley Lin of the Chinese University of Hong Kong and the University of Virginia. Daniel Tsai of the Fubon Group chairs the Steering Committee, which oversees the work of the Hub, and Prof. Chang-Chuan Chan of the School of Public Health at National Taiwan University chairs the Advisory Board.

The Asia-Pacific Hub is focusing its research on the following topics: 

  1. Pandemic Preparedness and Prevention: how well have individual countries prepared for past and future pandemics?

  2. Global Supply Chains: how have governments and the private sector responded to disruption and changes in global supply chain caused by the pandemic?

  3. Climate Change and the need for Healthier and Cleaner Growth: how is environmental health and sustainable development an integral part of public health and economic resilience?

  4. Digital E-Health, Data, informatics and AI: how can data, digital tools and AI be utilized to prevent, contain or manage pandemics?


Europe Hub 
The Europe Hub is being hosted by the School of Transnational Governance at the European University Institute. The Hub is being convened by Alexander Stubb with Diane Stone as the Research Director and Jonas Brendebach as Hub Director.


The Europe Hub is focusing its research on the following topics: 

  1. Future Health Resilience Governance and Policy: Global and European Institutions, Strategy and Investments.

  2. Population Health: differential population susceptibility and impact of COVID-19 across Europe.

  3. Role of Business: startups and multinationals.

  4. Digital and Data: shared data, infodemics and misinformation.

  5. Healthy Growth and Resilience: measurement, metrics and indicators.

North America Hub

The North America Hub is being co-hosted by Harvard University and MIT. The Hub is being convened by Michelle A. Williams with Patricia Geli as Hub Executive Director.

The North America Hub is focusing its research on the following topics: 

  1. Strengthening Health Systems: moving healthcare provision into the workforce and community.

  2. The Built Environment: how buildings and the constructed environment can impact workforce health.

  3. Sustainability: how to create carbon neutral environments at a local, national and international scale.

  4. Health and Wellness of Workforces: what drives workforce physical health and mental wellness.


South Asia Hub
The South Asia Hub is being hosted by the Observer Research Foundation. The Hub is being convened by Dr. Nilanjan Ghosh, with Oommen Kurian as Research Director.

The India Hub is focusing its research on the following topics: 

  1. Building population health at a local and national scale

  2. The role of business in population health

  3. Harnessing AI technology to build Health Resilience

  4. Encouraging cleaner, ‘greener’ growth

UK Hub

The UK Hub is being hosted by Cambridge Public Health at Cambridge University. The Hub is being convened by Prof. Carol Brayne and Prof. John Clarkson, with Dr Danielle Cannon providing strategic assistance, Jonathan Goodman leading the communications and Alistair Lang coordinating activity. 

The UK Hub is focusing its research on the creation of a model of Healthy Growth, combining indicators of population health, environmental sustainability and economic growth to provide an indicator of Resilient Growth. 

Africa and South America
The Commission plans to establish Regional Hubs in Africa and South America in 2022.