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We seek to contribute to critical discussions around the world. Here are some of our recent interviews, op/eds, and statements.


  • The Reform for Resilience Commission’s statement on the urgent need to elevate health metrics to a focal point of conversation at the 2022 United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP27) in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt

  • The Reform for Resilience Commission’s founding statement that describes the urgent need for a policy “reset” in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic


  • Patricia Geli, a former World Bank economist and research scientist in Harvard Chan School’s Department of Global Health and Population, is executive director of R4R’s Secretariat and Americas Hub. Here, she discusses the Commission’s work and global reach.
    “We’re bringing together academics, business leaders, and global policy experts to develop metrics and policy recommendations that can shape a more resilient future.”

  • Syaru Shirley Lin, founder of the Center for Asia-Pacific Resilience and Innovation(CAPRI), the Asia-Pacific hub of R4R, is interviewed here about the new policy research organization and the need for Asia-Pacific perspectives in global policy and governance decisions.

“Societies across the Asia-Pacific region responded to the pandemic differently, and the lessons they learned should be shared with the world.”



  • In this Nikkei Asia opinion piece, R4R co-chair Malcolm Turnbull and Syaru Shirley Lin of CAPRI argue that we must combat the prevailing zero-sum mentality and parochialism to make everyone safer together, identifying a triple challenge in the Asia-Pacific vaccine system during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We must make COVID-19 an opportunity to find urgent solutions to increase equity in vaccine manufacturing, rollout, and delivery to accelerate our transition to a post-pandemic world.”


  • We must make protecting and promoting health every bit as essential as environmental, social, and governance principles, say co-authors Patricia Geli and Harvard Chan Dean Michelle A. Williams, an R4R co-chair, in this Fortune commentary about adding an H to ESG.

  • The Americas Hub of R4R supports the Partnership for Central America, an independent organization that serves as a coordinating body of U.S. Vice President Kamala Harris’ Call to Action to advance economic opportunity across El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras. In this Hill op-ed, Dean Williams and Dr. Geli describe the social impact metrics we are co-building to help advance hope and opportunities in the region.


  • This report co-published by the Americas Hub of Reform for Resilience takes a closer look at real-life conditions on the ground in Northern Central America, including qualitative metrics such as hope for the future and trust in government. It leverages an early iteration of the Resilience Dashboard.

  • This report published by the Asia-Pacific Hub of Reform for Resilience focuses on vaccines as key to resilience in the region. It draws on interviews with regional experts and research to identify factors that affected vaccine equity, manufacturing, and rollout and actions that will contribute to future resilience.

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