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Research Submissions

Building on insights from the Commission’s first summit in November 2020 and an initial call for evidence, the Commission released its Call for Evidence in February 2020.

The Reform for Resilience Call for Evidence, February 2020

Below are the Submissions received to date. 


  1. OECD New Approaches to Economic Challenges (NAEC) Initiative, 2021. A Systemic Resilience Response to Covid-19.

  2. Hanspach, P., 2021. Improving Health Resilience Through Better Procurement of Medical Supplies: Lessons from the COVID-19 Pandemic. 

  3. Huckel Schneider, C., 2021. Macro-health system governance and the UHC agenda: Key learnings from the COVID-19 pandemic.

  4. Innerarity, D., 2021. The Data-Driven Pandemic: A New Conceptualization of the Data Society.

  5. Levine, D., 2021.  Data, Social Sciences, and Health Resilience.

  6. Pisacane, L.,  Tagliacozzo, S.,  Corrado, A., Conti, M., 2021.  Mainstreaming Food Systems Resilience into Health Resilience.

  7. Popic, T., and Moise, A., 2021. Health System Resilience in the Context of the COVID-19 Pandemic: The Gap Between Eastern and Western Europe.

  8. Renda, A., 2020. Walking the Post-Pandemic Talk: How to Incorporate Resilience in Better Regulation Systems.

  9. Scheinin, M., 2021.  Health Resilience Requires Rigorous Human Rights Assessment Martin.

  10. Šehović, A., 2021. Resilience: Health Security Beyond Borders.

  11. Fingerhut, H., 2021. Digital Transformation and the Role of Technology in Building Healthier Populations. Science & Innovation Unit, Tony Blair Institute for Global Change

  12. Ostwald, D., Hofmann, S.,  Leidner, R.,  Alexandrakis, E.,  Donnelly, A.,  Kücük , H. 2021. Resilience Investments in health – a fundament for a sustainable growth and a healthier growth environment.

  13. Vines, D. 2021. Creating A Health Resilience Commission in the UK and reforming the WHO.  University of Oxford.

  14. Asia-Pacific Hub 2021. APAC Research.

  15. Chen, J., Teo, Y., and Yap, J., 2021. Policy Foundations in Singapore: Resilience in the Face of COVID. Saw Swee Hock School of Public Health, National University of Singapore.

  16. Guillén, M., 2021  The Politics of Pandemics: Democracy, State Capacity and Economic Inequality. The Wharton School

  17. Shearer, F., Meagher, N., Marinkovic Chavez, K., Carpenter, L., Pirrone, A.,  Quinn, P., Alisic, E., McCaw, J., MacDougall, C., Price, D., Gibbs, L., 2021. Promoting resilience while mitigating disease transmission: An Australian COVID-19 study.

  18. Imperial College London 2021.

  19. Future Health and King’s Think Tank. Global Britain and Healthcare: Essay collection on delivering global leadership in health beyond the pandemic

  20. RGHI Hygiene Behaviour is the Foundation of Biosecurity. Reform for Resilience - Evidence Paper May 2021. 

  21. Arnon A., Ricco J., Smetters K., 2020. Epidemiological and Economic Effects of Lockdown. Penn Wharton Budget Model. 

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